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CRM features include visual relationship webs, easy sale-to-project transition, and mobile access. For a more in-depth comparison review, check out our FREE essential digital marketing tools guide, which offers a preview of our 200+ page premium guide. This shows 30 categories of digital marketing tools you should be using for your marketing. Our guide also recommends the top five tools in each category, provides separate tools for auditing your martech stack and recommends a process for martech selection. We aim to make it easier for you by providing a range of free and paid tools that can help streamline your digital marketing strategy and understand all the data that is presented to you.

Mailchimp rules the email marketing category, but it now adds domain and website hosting, a website builder, and CRM features. All of which not only help its customers but move Mailchimp towards full-on marketing automation. Insightly offers both a CRM platform, as well as a deep marketing automation platform. This solution offers intricate customer journey management, a drag-and-drop email and newsletter creator, and more. Two-way communication is accessible with customers through embedded forms and landing pages. Simultaneously, Insightly analyzes and visualizes customer insights with its advanced analytics and reporting engine.

  • Please note that we do not advertise our software as free.
  • Performance results are important, but they’re not critical components of software evaluations, because depending on your hardware setup, your mileage will vary.
  • Unless you’re wed to Creative Cloud, Final Cut Pro has a lot to offer.
  • Capture/Record videos from screen, capture card, cameras, etc. high efficiency and lossless quality.
  • By comparison, ease of use, interface and features carry more weight than export clock speed.

According to, personalized emails deliver six times higher transactional rates than non-personalized messages. With email marketing software, you can collect customer data that will enable you to build specific customer profiles you can use to personalize your email campaigns. As the name suggests, email marketing is a key function of the marketing department. Depending on a company’s size, this software may be primarily used by email marketing specialists. It may also be used by account managers, content creators and managers, and business development executives to build and manage customer relationships, generate leads, and improve conversions. On the lower end of the pricing spectrum, you’ll find products such as Infusionsoft, which costs $299 per month for five users, 5,000 contacts, and unlimited emails per month.

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Quickly turn one image into multiple, each perfectly sized for the social media networks you’re using. The smallest changes can make the biggest difference when it comes to getting people to convert on your landing pages. Just changing the color of your call-to-action button can spell the difference between scoring a free trial sign-up and someone bouncing. Among the digital marketing tools in your toolbox, anything that helps you test or optimize your site for conversions is a major plus. AdRoll is one of the most well-known names in the retargeting space, boasting a customer base of over 35,000 advertisers. Its platform grants access to over 500 ad exchanges, which includes most of the major social media networks. It offers a self-service platform, but you can also leverage its employees for additional help if you need it.

Main Features:

I focus mainly on tools that make the greatest difference in my own marketing work, such as email marketing tools, webinar software and anything related to video marketing. With email marketing software, you can track customer behavior to understand what kind of content resonates with them and what they are looking for at the moment. This also helps you encourage the all-important second purchase as well as secure long-term customer loyalty. From there, you can make important adjustments that will boost your ROI.

The Hamachi Complete package also includes Infusionsoft’s four core feature sets (CRM, e-commerce, marketing automation, and sales automation) at no extra charge. SendinBlue and Zoho Campaigns both offer free plans for anyone who is unwilling to spend even a dime for marketing workflows. Both tools scale upward for added capacity and complexity, and each offers pay-as-you-go plans for companies just dipping their toes into email marketing and marketing automation.

Given that we live in a call-out culture, customers are turning to online channels to reach out to brands with their inquiries and complaints more than ever. If you’re not there to engage with these customers it reflects poorly on your brand, and you could potentially lose their business forever. Consider one of these customer service tools to streamline your customer service process and to ensure you’re responding to all of your inbound messages. A great way to make sure your online content stands out is to include an image, but sourcing images that satiate the unique requirements for each social network can be tough. We aimed to solve that problem with our newsocial media image resizing toolknown as Landscape.

The success stories behind many AdRoll users are absolutely insane, with reports ranging from a35% lower CPCto a 265% lift in sales in some cases. Nanigans is a multichannel advertising software with an emphasis on Facebook marketing. Its software has access to the Facebook Exchange for retargeting and a plethora of other tools that make targeting more efficient. Beyond Facebook remarketing, the platform boasts features focused around Twitter ads and Instagram growth as well. Nanigans is the tool of choice for companies such as Zynga, Wayfair and Rovio. While Sprout Social may be behind this massive list of digital marketing tools, we’re also some of the biggest users and brand advocates of the companies noted below. As of September 2017,Facebookhas over 2 billion monthly active users,Twitter has 320 million andInstagramhas well over 700 million.

For example, when you look at your campaign, you find out that most of you your U.K.-based customers aren’t opening your emails. With email marketing software, you can optimize the scheduled send time according to your customers’ time zones. For example, if you are collecting data on product and category page views, you might spot the fact that a group of customers normally buy one brand of sneakers. You can then create campaigns within your email marketing software for fans of this brand tailored to different funnel stages.

These solutions can handle the complex, grueling work that is integral to a marketing campaign while pulling from multiple data sources. Marketing automation software culls information like the number of opened emails,e-commerce cartsleft behind, and web form data to make your marketing decisions easier. If you truly take advantage of the features a marketing automation platform delivers, then you can boost your company’s bottom line.